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  • Maritime Shippers Cut Green House Gas Emissions by Fifth 23 september 2014
    The total Green House Gas emissions from global maritime transport are estimated to have been over 20% lower in 2012 than in 2007, according to the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the global shipping industry’s trade association. The global shipping industry, which transports by sea around 90% of all world trade, is thought to have […] […]
  • Zim Joins Forces with Seagoline 23 september 2014
    Russia’s Seagoline and Israel’s ZIM said they were working together on offering a new reefer service on the Black Sea set to start from the first week of November. The cooperation will involve transport of an agricultural seasonal produce between Turkey, Egypt and Israel to port of Novorossiysk in Russia. Seagoline said that the planned port […] […]
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  • Russia Set to Develop Crimean Port Infrastructure 23 september 2014
    Russia is considering the aspects of reunification of Crimea with Russia within the framework of modernizing its Azov-Black Sea port infrastructure, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said. “The existing and future port terminals in Crimea and Krasnodar Territory should complement each other; we should make maximum use of the advantages of each port, each log […]
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As the premier provider of high level business platforms, Midfield Media are now proud to launch the MARPOL Annex VI Summit – for stakeholders of the maritime sector in Emission Control Areas.

Our business approach is to offer a program which contains a wide range of well-designed topics, with unique speaking companies and innovative features to promote ultimate networking and benchmarking as means to enhance business knowledge.
Through extensive research we are producing a quality agenda that truly reflects the current learning needs, the most business critical topics as well as the leading industry players sharing their expertise.

Key reasons why the MARPOL Annex VI Summit is the must-attend event:

  • • Up to 750 minutes of organized networking time
  • • 100 + senior experts together in one room – this is where the future of the industry is shaped!
  • • Undertake business conversations and begin the sales processes with those attendees that are focused on sourcing new abatement and fuel solutions and finding the financial help that will assist them upgrading their fleet
  • • Build the business case and explore alternative solutions with key players through our unique thought leader sessions, really hit home why they should be using your solutions NOW!

What we promise our partners is simple… You will leave this conference with top quality leads, major high level business conversations and masses of follow up meetings.
If you are looking at having serious business critical conversations that take this industry forward, then we look forward to seeing you and your team in Copenhagen this spring.

For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities please contact Logistics Director Göran Kandic, Phone : +46 -8 651 10 90  or via email