Mark Avis, Senior Consultant, Purvin & Gertz

07 Dec 2011

markavis marpol Mark Avis, Senior Consultant, Purvin & Gertz nfcMark is a Senior Consultant in Purvin & Gertz’ London office and has worked on a wide range of consultancy services, including oil refinery economics and evaluation, refinery project feasibility studies, market studies for refined products and merger and acquisition support. He continues to be involved in a wide range of projects. In 2009, Mark worked on the European input to Purvin & Gertz’ Residual Fuel Market Outlook service as well as Purvin & Gertz’ work for the European Commission related to the impact on the European refining industry of IMO and other future legislation changes. Mark has worked for Purvin & Gertz since 2006. Prior to joining Purvin & Gertz, Mark worked in a variety of different technical functions for Esso Petroleum Company and then KBC Process Technology. He is a Chemical Engineering graduate from Edinburgh University.